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WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT?What distinguishes Osve Industrial Group of Iran from the rest of the companies:
Usage of international superior technologies and presence of reputable partner companies in designing and equipment units
Valid engineering experiences of equipment manufacturing, management and implementation of project in Osve Industrial Group of Iran
Stability of top managers and having quality management regulations and systems
Proper efficiency of combustion  equipments (over 90%)
Proper level of contamination of combustion units according to the restrictions f Iran environment and providing guarantee
Extensive and various range of steam and heat recovery units and completed coating required by customers as per the specifications of the project
Manufacturing the basic equipments of project in Iran as a reliable Iranian manufacturer
Provision of raw material and procurement of accessory equipments from reliable European and American suppliers
High capability for supplying products due to having sub-suppliers in UAE and Canad
Providing good and competitive prices due to manufacturing the equipments and use of engineering and implementation services inside Iran
Little transit expenses due to manufacturing the equipments in Iran
Decreasing the overhead expenses of the project such as custom charges due to the following reasons:
High volume of equipments manufactured in Iran
Customs exemptions for local manufactures for provision of raw material and equipments
Signing contract in Iran currency and other currencies and flexibility in line with financial interests of the clients
Financial power and bank credit for implementing EPCC projects
The lowest delivery time due to the following reasons:
Awareness of requirement of Iran market and standardization of required units by oil, gas and petrochemical industries of Iran
Having proper experience and specialized and local man power in Iran
Little risk related to political and diplomatic in purchasing equipments due to provision of basic equipments of project in Iran
Designing and providing all accessory equipments and power and controlling system required for implementation of key units in hand
Providing proper and complete services for implementation of all the key projects in hand
Technical services and designing
Equipment manufacturing
Provision of products and raw material
Installation operations
Operation and leading services
Training personnel, providing specialized man power
Using quality management system for equipment manufacturing and EPC projects implementation
Providing guarantee for the performance of the key units in hand, main equipments and accessory equipments
Proper services after sale which are available inside Iran
Long period provision of spare part of equipments available in industrial unit and for software and hardware of controlling system


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